Social Housing

Providing a Seamless, Configurable Housing Solution

Case Management System (CMS) software is an important digital tool for organizations to handle their case-related tasks. As businesses grow, the integration of workflow and process automation allows for effectively streamlining recurring tasks like document routing, invoice approval, and data entry. In this dynamic environment, organizations find it increasingly necessary to deploy case management strategies rooted in efficiency.

Cloud SynApps’ Complex Case Management Solution is a comprehensive solution that provides enhanced productivity and helps users make smarter decisions. It is designed to streamline and enhance the management of complex processes, tasks, and information associated with individual cases, projects, or workflows within an organization.

Core Features of our Housing Solution

User - Friendly Interface

Seamless UX navigation with guided flows. Multilingual support and accessibility compliance.

Screening Process

A self-service portal that is easy to navigate for citizens and housing providers.


Simplified Enrolment Program

360-degree view of applicants and their housing needs for personalized assistance

Subsidy & Rent Calculation

Easy-to-configure rent and subsidy calculation matrix.


Placements & Transfers

Effortless client assignments tosuitable inventory types.

Subsidy Stock Management

Extensive inventory management capabilities to effectively manage subsidy stock.

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