Our Culture

Our organizational culture is based on a very simple principle of People helping People and there are four foundational elements of it.

It is the first and most crucial element of our work culture. The other pillars will suffer if we don’t care of the most critical asset of our organizations – the associates who deliver the work and are in the frontline of everything we do.  We believe in Associate first culture and do everything possible to create an environment where everyone contributes to the success of our customers and in turn, that propels the growth of our organization. Happy associates create happy clients!

Training and professional development are a way of life in our organization. Learning never stops! The training begins for new associates well before they interact with clients or put on projects. Even after the training is complete and few certifications are under the belt, associates are given real project experience by putting them in Shadow roles. This builds confidence, surety and consistency in the team’s ability to deliver projects successfully. Everyone has an individual training plan. The shared knowledge, support and training plans help our associates gain the necessary skills to fulfill any specialties they are assigned. Training plans are developed and regularly updated to make sure that everyone in the organization has the most updated skills to deliver the set goals. We encourage all associates to pick a primary skill and secondary skill so that as demands come in, they are always available to support others.

Mentoring is one of the many but very important aspects of individual growth, and everyone in our organization is paired with a senior associate. The senior associates help the new associates come to seed on our culture, work requirements, and what it needs to be successful in their career.

Individual Creativity is the focus of our career development plan for every individual in the organization. We ask every individual to set immediate, short term and long-term goals and provide internal and external help to achieve these goals. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We aim to help individuals to build on their strengths so that they can perform consistently while managing their weaknesses.

Awards are a big motivational factor in an individual’s growth, confidence and recognition, and we recognize them often and for all streams of work. Individuals go over and beyond in Sales, solutions, client delivery, helping others and so on. We strongly believe in recognizing such individuals and teams who put aside their comfort and go beyond the call of duty.

Shared Celebrations: We place a high value on shared celebrations. Lots of them! We try and look for occasions and reasons to commemorate as a team, especially when we win projects or special individual milestones.

Memberships: Learning events, memberships in professional organizations and certifications that matter and are related to job functions and service delivery is a huge motivating factor for our associates. We encourage our associates to participate in public speaking forums, participate in local technology chapters and help others outside the organization as well to instil a serve community awareness.

Teamwork and collaboration are the second most important aspect of our culture. Delivering an excellent customer experience is teamwork. When we look around and see which team is most successful in sports, it is not just due to individual brilliance but due to good overall team effort where each player knows his/her role. Working on a complex project and delivering it successfully is not different than winning a game or trophy. Just like senior players share experience, wisdom, skills, and knowledge in different situations, so are the tasks on a tough project where senior leadership and senior project members lead from the front, mentor the newer associates, and provide continuous guidance. No one is left alone to struggle; there is always a helping hand.

Technical excellence is the third element of our culture, and it reflects our commitment to our clients, and this is possible only when we train and prepare our associates for the most challenging tasks and complexities. We set aside a training budget for every individual and assign a coach who can provide unbiased feedback so that the individual can improve. We also apply many quality checks at each level of client delivery to make sure that our clients get what they hoped for. In many senses, we are not a Sales driven organization, but a delivery-focused organization and our clients bring the business back. Our growth success story is based on a simple formula of delivering on our commitments with technical excellence every time.

Customer focus is the fourth and final element of our culture. It means that we treat all customers equally and respectfully and ensure that every customer is successful. We keep our focus on our client’s problems and how we can solve those through meaningful solutions and not on anything else. In turn, our customers become our advocates and referrals and help us win more business.