Company History

Our journey began in December 2016 when the two founding partners, Utkarsh and Ajay, decided to start Cloud SynApps, with an aim to provide consulting and implementation services for government organizations. The aim was simple – provide services and solutions needed by most public sector organizations, which are either outdated and need modernization or don’t exist. The name Cloud SynApps comes from both technological and scientific inspirations.

In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron or to the target effector cell. The neurological definition of  | syn ·​ apse | \ ˈsi-ˌnaps  , sə-ˈnaps \ is the space where an instruction is interpreted and passed from one neuron to another, resulting in some sort of function for the body. In simpler terms, a synapse is a gap between two neurons that acts as a bridge through which one provides something to the other.

We were able to draw a connection between the function of a synapse, and the processes within bodies made up of organizations and customers that are contiuously attempting to relay information through a bridge between them. We also, however, saw gaps between the vision of public sector organizations, and the services ultimately provided to citizens. These realizations led to the birth of Cloud SynApps –  an organization with an honest goal to bridge these gaps through Cloud Applications. We aim to connect citizens and organizations seamlessly, and build solutions, assets, and frameworks that are repeatedly needed. We wish to serve the society we live in, and we reinforce this goal througout our company’s operations by remembering some basic principles of the 1:1:1 model– giving back and providing honest, transparent, and quality work at a reasonable cost.

We don’t try to do everything. We like to focus on our specialty– to implement Salesforce-based Cloud Applications for the public sector, that is­– and work to excel in this realm on all fronts.

Why Salesforce? – The answer is simple. Salesforce is one of the most trusted and innovative cloud platforms, that can offer unparalleled value to both citizens and public sector organizations.

In the last five years, we have been honoured to receive several awards and recognitions, the most recent being named among the top 50 technology companies in Canada, and the top 500 technology companies in North America.

In 2021, we were amongst the top 50 (ranked 43rd) fastest-growing companies in Canada as per The Globe and Mail, and this past year, we have been certified as a Great Place to Work by the Great Place to Work Institute Inc. for a second consecutive year. In 2020, we were listed among the top 25 fastest-growing companies in Canada by Canadian Business and MacLean’s magazine.

We have delivered 100+ Salesforce projects of varied complexities and are now a trusted partner of Salesforce. Our projects have included various aspects of public sector domains and include: Core CRM (know your client and 360 view of the citizen), Citizens Outreach, Social Housing, Homelessness Programs, Case Management, Engagement Center, CRM Assessments, Permits and Licensing, Development Charges, Advanced Analytics and Reporting, Chatbots, Community Portals, Grants, Custom development and more. We leverage our methodology with a strong focus on user experience and public sector experience to solve complex business and technology challenges. Our consultants and associates have extensive industry expertise and bring a unique set of public sector-focused accelerators. We invest heavily in developing unique but repeatable solutions, which in our experience, are often required by clients like North American municipalities, cities, and states.

Architecting a New Future

Govt. needs digitization, and Govt. needs transformation of its current business processes to make them simple and provide the services in an easily accessible and friendly manner. We are a company focused on delivering technology and solutions to make this happen.

Powering New Possibilities

Public Sector Organizations need to adapt to evolving Citizens needs. Our consulting and implementation services cover a wide range of core areas for the Government. We have deep domain knowledge in Permits, Licensing & Inspections (LPI), Case Management, Grants Management, Social Services, Housing solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Apps for Govt., and emerging technologies.

New Business way

We provide consulting services and deliver solutions in a fast turn-around time using our pre-built solutions and assets to cities, countries, municipal, provincial and federal Public Sector clients across North America.