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Cloud SynApps recognizes the needs of the public sector. The public sector today faces many new challenges due to the converging pressures of the digital customer and the modern challenges we face as a collective society. Under the pressure of ongoing technological progression, there is a need to digitalize even the most common and simple services that are integral to daily societal function. We strive to help citizens, service providers and Government agencies in adapting to such changes.


Cloud SynApps has decided to maximize our impact by establishing CSA Labs,  a team dedicated to innovating solutions that apply to societal needs.

We are largely invested in creating solutions that can be used to assist citizens, and a large number of Government agencies can use that. Further, our solutions can be adapted to fit the requirements and needs of different Government agencies with unique roles.

We bring our in-depth skills and experience to the table when working with our clients to assist them in creating powerful customer experiences and accelerating their digital journey.


  • Pre-Built Accelerators and Solutions: Pre-built Data model, processes, logic and features that support citizens, business, service providers, and agency staff.
  • Modern and User-friendly Design: Solutions that offer digital-first, user-friendly portals with multi-channel features, chatbots and AI-driven decision making, guided flows and much more.
  • Improve, streamline and optimize: Modernize internal processes that will improve efficiency.
  • Accelerated Time to Value: Reduced upfront configuration/customization costs and faster value realization by using pre-built, purpose-built out-of-the-box functionality and processes.

We must design & build for the collective
We must design & build for society

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