Our Expertise

Salesforce and its ecosystem technologies are at the heart of our business transformation strategy.

Human-Centered Architecture is our holistic approach to design.

CSA has thousands of person-years of experience in delivering critical digital solutions based on salesforce.com, a company that for 8 of the last 10 years has been ranked in the top 10 most innovative companies in the world. Our associates come from a myriad of backgrounds, have hundreds of accreditations and security clearances of every type.  

CSA has conducted over 100 Public Sector projects covering a host of problem areas, including Housing Solutions, Vaccination Distribution, Grants Management, Emergency Funds Distribution and Licensing, and Permitting & Inspection applications to name a few. 

What Has CSA Done? What Does CSA do? 

Licensing, Permits and Inspections  

Digitizing LPI systems offers quantitative and qualitative benefits for every level of government.  Government agencies of every size must install a flexible and scalable platform to ensure e-governance services like licenses, permits, and inspections are available on demand to every constituent.  

CSA has unparalleled expertise in delivering modern government License, Permit and Inspection solutions with special emphasis on modernizing and digitizing the 5 most critical components of LPI: 

1) Citizen outreach 2) Intake of applications 3) Review and approval 3) Inspections and assessment 4) Issuance / Renewal 5) Violations/enforcement. All while providing accessibility from anywhere, from any device, providing a single view of the applicant’s history. 

Grants Management Solution                                               

Built entirely on the Salesforce platform, the CSA Grants & Contracts Management Asset empowers government agencies, nonprofits, education, and foundations to increase their impact by streamlining the grant process and providing valuable performance data to make better investments in, and decisions for the recipient community ensuring a greater overall impact.  

Back 2 Work Solutions

Business leaders are challenged with how to support new working models and protect employees in response to COVID-19. With some employees slowly returning to the job site and others continuing to work remotely, employers must safeguard people and operations requiring them to adopt digital tools that offer employee engagement tools including:  

  • Vaccine Management Solution
  • Prioritization Matrix Solution
  • Covid-19 Contact Tracing Solution
  • Visitor’s Safe-visit to Office
  • Employee’s Safe-Visit to Office
  • Workplace Reservation solution

Application Modernization

For Public Sector leaders and organizations, the need to strengthen IT’s value proposition and relevance in the digital era is paramount. They must make meaningful contributions to service and innovation. IT must be a source for innovation and service, not just a center for often detached operations. 

Cloud SynApps has helped numerous Public Sector organizations transition from manual, excel, lotus notes (yes) and legacy-based solutions to modern cloud-based platforms producing outcomes and solutions including 

  • CSA Inquiry Builder
  • Community Cards Framework
  • CSA Forms
  • Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration
  • Employee Workplace Seat
  • Reservation Solution
  • Employee Performance Management Solution
  • CSA Performance Management 
  • City Services Framework & 311
  • Appointments Books 

Case Management Solution

Cloud SynApps Case Management Solution is 100% native to the Salesforce platform. Our Solution offers an end-to-end process, from case intake, to case closure, with a multilingual home page, advanced chatbot, sentiment analysis, email services and dynamic case task processing. Many different Public Sector operations requiring case management can be supported by Cloud SynApps. For example, case management was employed in the CSA housing solution for the Region of Peel to enable caseworkers to support their housing clients in receiving the services they need within the Region. 

Some further examples of deliverables under this category: 

  • Social Services Transformation Framework 
  • Caregiver Solution 
  • Outpatient Referral Solution 

Citizen and Employee Engagement 

CSA helps governments implement modern 311 solutions allowing for the following: 

  • Consolidation of service requests into a single management hub
  • The ability to respond to residents in a timelier fashion
  • The ability to convert resident inquiries directly into internal service requests
  • Automate follow-ups with internal departments until service requests are complete
  • Automate follow-ups with the requesting residents when work is complete
  • Insightful data analysis I used to identify trends with resident concerns and community repair issues
  • A high level of trust, transparency and responsiveness to resident needs
  • Streamlined public works request management and operations
  • A greater ability to meet the growing desire for residents to digitally self-service their needs
  • The ability to conserve limited staffing funds by automating workflows that formerly needed to be managed manually by staff.

Employee performance management solution

Most organizations public and private, are still learning how to cope with the new hybrid landscape they find themselves operating in, CSA has built Assets & Accelerators to help address these needs. 

Performance management is the continuous process of improving performance by setting individual and team goals which are aligned to the strategic goals of the organization, planning performance to achieve the goals, reviewing and assessing progress, and developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of people. 

CSA Performance management Asset offers employees frequent feedback on what they do well and on areas they can improve. One-on-one scheduling, simple self and manager assessments, help managers recognize employee contributions and strengths, compare their evaluation to the and make offer a great starting point for open, transparent and constructive dialogue. 

Digital Transformation 

CSA digitization expertise offers the public sector the opportunity to make its administration simpler, faster, more efficient, more accessible, less expensive and more citizen-friendly – all on demand making Public Sector Services as easy and accessible as shopping on-line.

Housing Solutions 

CSA Housing ensures greater accessibility to community housing by bringing all stakeholders together on a common platform, this solution draws from the Salesforce platform and includes all elements that promote long-term housing and subsidy alternatives to citizens. Cloud SynApps has been actively involved in developing solutions for housing-related operations. Our Salesforce and Salesforce Industries (Ex. Vlocity) based Solution for Homelessness has all the functions needed for acuity assessment and Intake, Case planning, Disbursement, Referrals & resources, Shelter & Transitional placement. It also has the functionality to manage Shelter Stock, including Beds, Rooms, and  Units based on shelter needs.

The Solution has a number of distinct areas;

  • Self-service for the applicants (includes Screening, Needs Assessment, Intake and Status monitoring)
  • A portal for the providers who assist applicants, and
  • Subsidy administration, managed by the housing administrators (includes Eligibility evaluation, Provisioning, Subsidy and rent calculation,
  • Payments, Letters and document generation, Notifications, Task Management, Subsidy stock management, Unit stock maintenance – rent and other attributes,
  • Placement in subsidized Unit, Monthly statements & Payments, Subsidy tenant Move-ins, Tenancy supports, Annual reviews, Transfers & Move-outs.)

Sustainability Solution 

CSA enables organizations and businesses to initiate, track and manage their activities/operations to assist them in meeting sustainability objectives set by government agencies – and their own boards such as monitoring carbon emission standards, measure their carbon footprint and status relative to their published goals. CSA empowers organizations to integrate a complete sustainability management solution into their organization. CSA in concert with Salesforce offers efficiency, automation and sustainability data management solutions.

Emergency Rent Assistance Program (ERAP)

In a matter of months, CSA developed a Rent Relief Accelerator which provides an online portal for applicants and tenants with automated workflows to help applicants qualify for assistance. Coupled with the CSA Finance Asset which provides secure integrated technology to complete any financial transactions.

The portal guides the user through the process of answering any eligibility questions and uploading the necessary documentation. Housing agency staff can complete verification process. Staff can easily communicate online with applicants to apprise them of case status updates, NY missing information, determinations of eligibility and more. Steps required to qualify vary by municipality and easily configurable.

Our Vision

A productivity gap has emerged between the public and private sectors—one widened by government’s inability to dynamically absorb and capitalize on new digital technologies like we’ve seen in the private sector. The application of digital technologies  in government has almost limitless potential for providing more efficient, effective and trustworthy public service, that serves constituents, communities, and the population at large. CSA is the Intersection of Digital Transformation and the Public Sector.

Our Philosophy

Cloud SynApps focuses on bridging the gap between Citizens and Services.

We enable the Public Sector to effectively use Cloud Applications and Platforms to create better user experiences, provide faster service, and improve outcomes.

  • Creating an effective solution that works for everybody.
  • Employees, Partners, Vendors and more importantly our clients.
  • The right and innovative solutions to meet business goals.

Cloud SynApps leverages Salesforce technologies and its AppExchange Partners’ to deliver innovative and effective solutions for the Public Sector Organizations.

We use our deep domain expertise in Public Sector and Salesforce Platform Technologies, and AppExchange Partners.