We bring unique solutions to embrace change for the Public sector using Cloud Applications.

Our Approach

Build and implement Cloud Solutions and Applications which matter the most for Public Sector Organizations, based on our years of learnings. 

Adapting to change is a must, simply because there is just so much of it. Technology and its impact has a large part to play in the accelerated rate of change we are all exposed to.

Our Focus

Cities, Counties, Municipalities, State and Provincial Govt., Crown Corporations, Federal Government and most importantly the Citizens. 

The expertise and knowledge of business and technology brought together to fuel the citizen experience.

We Deliver

We believe in innovation, future-ready, adaptable and quick to deploy solutions. We build and implement solutions that are user-friendly and provide value to citizens and public sector organizations using leading Cloud technologies and platforms such as Salesforce and its ecosystem partners.

Architecting a New Future

Public Sector Organizations have to adapt to evolving needs of  Citizens and Service Providers.

We are a company focused on providing technology consulting services using Salesforce Solutions for the Public Sector. Some of the key factors driving the change are:

  • Govt. needs digitization more than ever before.
  • Govt. needs transformation of its current business processes.
  • Customer expectations are evolving with change in technologies.
  • Technology trends such as AI, IoT, Block Chain are now used more.
  • More data requires increased focus on data security and privacy.
  • Current applications are not ready for the velocity and volume of business today.
  • Lack of integration between back-office applications.

Powering New Possibilities

Fundamentally transform the way in which the Public Sector Organizations operate.

Our consulting and implementation services cover a wide range of core areas which are at heart of any Government. We have deep domain knowledge in Permits, Licensing & Inspections (LPI), Case Management, Grants Management, Social Services, Housing Solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Apps for Govt. and many more.

New Business way

Technology trends, higher expectations from citizens and ease of use are some of the key drivers for Cloud Solution which CSA is focused on. We provide consulting services to cities, counties, municipal, provincial and federal Public Sector clients across North America.