and Inspection

Providing a Digitized and Integrated Licensing and Inspections Solution

Licensing, permitting and inspection procedures throughtout North America are burdened by outdated legacy systems. These aging systems hinder collaboration and contribute to lengthy delays in inssuing and renewing licenses and permits. In response to these challenges, there is a growing call from both citizens and government agencies for a modern, user – friendly solution that can be easily configured and government agencies for a modern, user-friendly solution that can be easily configured and manintained. Cloud SynApps’ Licensing, Permitting & Inspections Solution is built on Salesforce Public Sector Solutions (PSS). It is ideal for state and local agencies looking to deploy a flexiable and scalable platform quickly, in order to modernize constituent services.

CSA Core Features

User - Friendly Interface

Seamless UX navigation with guided flows. Multilingual support and accessibility compliance.

Automated query handling via chatbot.

Payment Solution Feature

Simplified payments with a fully integrated financial payment gateway.

Shopping cart feature for a smooth and familiar checkout process.


Progress Review & Reports

Customizable dashboard view to analyze data.

Example: Violation notices based on report data.

Enhanced Mapping Integration

Send real-time communication and alerts to keep users informed.

Notify users of updates, changes, and important announcements.


License & Permit Management

Ready-to-use license and permit process templates.

Ability to appeal in response to the formal denial of a permit application.

Electronic Plan Review (EPR) Connectors

Streamlined plan-review process with an integrated EPR connectors for the industry leading tools.

Efficient workflow managemen to improve plan-review process.

Examples of Use Cases

Business Licenses

Salons, childcare centers, and clinics area few examples of businesses that need licenses to operate.

Building Permits

Constructing a residential or commercial building requires a building permit to ensure construction code compliance.

Recreational Licenses & Permits

Our solution expedites license processes for hunting, fishing, and/or using a public facility such as a park or campground..

Public Permits

Permits needed for a carport, garage, gazebo, solar system, fence, and so on.


Project-based Permits

Support integrated care and case management for individuals with complex mental health and healthcare needs.

Health Inspections

Our solution can facilitate the seamless tracking of routine inspections for healthcare facilities and delivery organizations.

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