Providing a Transparent and Secure Integrated Payments Solution

Payment collection and fund disbursement are essential operations for the numerous services that government organizations in North America deliver, and these organizations are undergoing a digital revolution. However, many organizations struggle to manage these operations effectively due to the lack of safe and dependable methods.

This issue can be addressed by Cloud SynApps’ Integrated Payments Solution, which secures both fund disbursements and payment transactions. The solution provides the maximum level of protection against fraud, which complies with PCI 1 standards. Following stringent industry regulations, security precautions, and compliance standards, our solution enables businesses and individuals to make one-time or regular payments to US and Canadian bank accounts.

Core Features of our Integrated Payment Solution

Flexible Hosting Options

Ensure a highly secure environment with SSL and PKI support. Benefit from multiple hosting options, including Azure and AWS.

Payment Disbursement

Easily configure one-time or recurring payments. Choose between immediate or future payment options.


Automate and ensure accurate refund calculations. Simplify money transfers using ACH and credit card methods.

Reviews & Approvals

Provision to set specific conditions for Instant notifications and regular communication.

Banking System Integration

Seamlessly integrate with various banks and file types, including XML and NACHA.

Payment Collection

Simplify payment processing by enabling multiple payments in a single transaction via a Shopping Cart.

Example of Use Cases


Fees & Permits

Simplify the payment of fees and issuance of permits for services such as vehicle registration, building permits, and professional licenses.

Social Services & Benefits

Disburse social welfare payments, unemployment benefits, food assistance, and other forms of financial aid to eligible recipients efficiently and securely.

Government Services

Accept payments for government services such as passport applications, visa fees, and citizenship applications, enhancing citizen experience.

Grant Awards

Grant amounts, payment schedules, and other details can be recorded. Generate and
send electronic grant award notifications.


Payment Processing

Securely process payments and maintain disbursement records for auditing purposes.

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