Providing a Seamless & Efficient Homelessness Solution

Assisting those experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness is a complex task that often comes with many challenges. To address this issue effectively, comprehensive solutions are needed. The key to ending homelessness is addressing the barriers that residents encounter when seeking affordable or accessible housing.

A holistic solution that considers the needs of both public sector agencies providing housing services and residents looking for housing is crucial to making a significant impact on homelessness management.

Cloud SynApps offers an innovative solution that provides a framework of capabilities for government agencies and their departments to transform their homelessness programs efficiently. Residents often encounter obstacles when trying to access such services, such as complicated application processes, long wait times, and stringent eligibility requirements. Additionally, navigating multiple service providers within a complex service delivery network can be challenging for users on both ends.

Core Features of our Homelessness Solution

Screening Process

Automated case creation with predefined priority. Efficient assignment of cases to relevant staff or queues, ensuring no missed applications.

Needs Assessment

Guided flow for applicant support. “Save for later” feature for completing applications.

Client Intake

Detailed capture of client information. Streamlined data input with predefined values.


Program Enrolment

Consolidation of multiple services for clients. A comprehensive view of clients’ needs for staff.



Effective management of outreach and mass notifications. Two-way SMS capabilities for interactive communication.


Inventory Management

Comprehensive inventory management capabilities. Bulk and automatic updates based on process flows and manual adjustments.

Example of Use Cases

Housing Placement

The system can assist in tracking available housing units, matching clients with suitable housing options, and monitoring the progress of clients in securing stable

Volunteer & Donor Management

For nonprofit organizations, the solution can help manage volunteers, donors, and
fundraising efforts aimed at supporting homeless populations.


Research & Evaluation

Our solution can be used to collect and analyze data for research purposes, helping to improve the understanding of homelessness and the effectiveness of interventions.

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