Complex Case

Providing a Seamless & Configurable Complex Case Management Solution

Case Management System (CMS) software is an important digital tool for organizations to handle their case-related tasks. As businesses grow, the integration of workflow and process automation allows for effectively streamlining recurring tasks like document routing, invoice approval, and data entry. In this dynamic environment, organizations find it increasingly necessary to deploy case management strategies rooted in efficiency.

Cloud SynApps’ Complex Case Management Solution is a comprehensive solution that provides enhanced productivity and helps users make smarter decisions. It is designed to streamline and enhance the management of complex processes, tasks, and information associated with individual cases, projects, or workflows within an organization.

Core Features of our Case Management Solution


Automated Case Creation

Increased efficiency through automatic case generation from an AI system.


Effortless Tracking

User-friendly monitoring and tracking of automated cases until completion.

Calendar - Alerts & Reminders

Customizable alerts and reminders for timely actions.

Audit Tracking (OOB)

Precise timestamps for accurate event tracking.

Email Notifications

Triggered email notifications for specific events or updates.

Reports & Dashboards

Access case-related data in one centralized location.

Examples of Use Cases

Mental Health & Healthcare

Support integrated care and case management for individuals with complex mental health and healthcare needs.

Social Services & Benefits

Facilitate the coordination of diverse social services and benefits for individuals and families in need.

Environmental Compliance

Handle cases related to environmental regulations, pollution control, and resource


Legal & Judicial Systems

Enhance the efficiency of court proceedings and case management for complex legal matters, such as multijurisdictional litigation, classaction lawsuits, and large-scale investigations.

Child Welfare Services

Streamline the management of complex child welfare cases involving multiple stakeholders, agencies, and legal requirements.

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