Cloud SynApps Labs

Where Ideas are Born

CSA Labs, a division of Cloud SynApps, is dedicated to developing reusable application assets to help accelerate, simplify and ensure the success of function specific implementation projects. These assets combine CSA’s years of Public Sector / Salesforce experience and expertise to offer shorter time to value, less risk, lower costs, and a seamless transition to the digital world. Most importantly, these assets are made available to our clients at no charge.

Licensing, Permits and Inspection Solutions

Digitizing LPI systems offers quantitative and qualitative benefits for every level of government.  Government agencies of every size must install a flexible and scalable platform to ensure e-governance services like licenses, permits, and inspections are available on demand to every constituent.

Application Modernization

Cloud SynApps has built a framework to help organizations move away from manual, excel or lotus notes- based solutions to modern SaaS platform-based solutions built on Salesforce and Google. This framework helps in identifying the applications which can be easily deployed on a SaaS platform.

With the use of SaaS platform-based solutions, Cloud SynApps has assisted multiple organizations move away from manual, excel or lotus notes- based solutions to optimize operation efficiency. Cloud SynApps aids organizations in addressing the need to adapt to technological advancement by using modern solutions for organizational needs. Developed solutions under the Applications Modernization include:

  • Einstein Chatbot
  • CSA Inquiry Builder
  • Community Cards Framework
  • CSA Forms
  • Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration
  • Employee Workplace Seat Reservation Solution
  • Employee Performance Management Solution
  • City Services Framework & 311
  • Appointments Books

Citizen and Employee Engagement

City Services Framework & 311

Cloud SynApps has developed a Services based framework to extend the traditional 311 Solution needed by the Cities and Counties. Our approach is unique, wherein we blend in many standard services required by citizens on the Salesforce platform. This includes a combination of many of our pre-built Accelerators and Solutions on a single platform.

Employee performance management solution:

Cloud SynApps recognizes the need of every organization to be able to monitor, document, and reward its employees, and the ease with which this can be done through applications. We have developed a simple Employee performance application on the Salesforce platform for our own use; however, this application can be easily modified to be used by any other organization as well. The application is used to obtain feedback, monitor activity continuously and document the decisions made and awards given by coaches. The Solution is divided to have functions for two distinct classes:

  • Employees who work under the Manager
  • Employees who work above the Manager.

The application allows each class to partake in self-assessment and includes coach/mentor assessment on four different criteria: Project delivery, Practice Development, Solutions and Assets Development & About Me.

Employee Workplace reservation solution

Cloud SynApps’ Employee Workplace reservation solution is another Salesforce Platform-based Solution designed for Employee performance management and allows employees to reserve and confirm a workplace. This Solution can be easily integrated with the Employee’s wellness questionnaire if required.

Social Service Solutions

Emergency Rent Assistance Program (ERAP)

To ease out the processing of Rent Assistance, Cloud SynApps has built a solution on the Salesforce Platform that can accelerate the implementation carried out by the government. The Solution is multilingual and has been built with a “Citizens First” mindset, keeping the individuals who rely on this program in mind. Our Solution incorporates all phases of the Program – Intake, Eligibility, Approvals & Workflows, Disbursements and Tracking of disbursements. The Solution also offers users the ability to apply for Rental Assistance and Assistance for Utilities.

Case Management Solution

Another Cloud SynApps Social Services Solution is the Case Management Solution which is 100% native to the Salesforce application. Our Solution provides an end-to-end process, from case intake to case closure with a multilingual home page, advanced chatbot, sentiment analysis email services and dynamic case tasks processing. Many different business operations requiring case management can be supported by Cloud SynApps quickly building dynamic processes. For example, case management has been built into our housing solution for the Region of Peel to enable caseworkers to support their housing clients in receiving the services they need within the Region.

Some further examples of deliverables under this category:

  • Social Services Transformation Framework
  • Caregiver Solution
  • Outpatient Referral Solution

Housing Solutions

Cloud SynApps has been actively involved in developing solutions for housing-related operations. Our Salesforce and Salesforce Industries (Ex. Vlocity) based Solution for Homelessness has all the features needed for acuity assessment and Intake, Case planning, Disbursement, Referrals & resources, Shelter & Transitional placement. It also has the functionality to manage Shelter Stock, including Beds, Rooms, and  Units based on shelter needs.

We have also developed a comprehensive Housing Solution based on the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce industries Solution that includes the functionalities necessary for Clients who are in need of long-term housing and subsidy. The Solution has 3 distinct areas;

  • Self-service for the applicants (includes Screening, Needs Assessment, Intake and status monitoring)
  • A portal for the providers who assist applicants, and
  • Subsidy administration, managed by the housing administrators (includes Eligibility evaluation, Provisioning, Subsidy and rent calculation, Payments, Letters and document generation, Notifications, Task Management, Subsidy stock management, Unit stock maintenance – rent and other attributes, Placement in subsidized Unit, Monthly statements & Payments, Subsidy tenant Move-ins, Tenancy supports, Annual reviews, Transfers & Move-outs.)

Grants Management Solution

Built entirely on the Salesforce platform, the CSA Grants & Contracts Management Asset empowers government agencies, nonprofits, education, and foundations to increase their impact by streamlining the grant process and providing valuable performance data to make better investments in, and decisions for, the recipient community, ensuring a greater overall impact.