Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Scale on Modernized IT Infrastructure with Cloud & ITIS as your GPS


The transition of legacy infrastructure to a cloud-first setup is the need of the hour. Yet, shift to the to the latest cloud, storage, endpoint security, and governance is becoming tougher by the day. We streamline this on a scalable cross-platform cloud IT infrastructure services, delivering a cost-friendly software-defined setup supported by – network monitoring, database management, backup & restore.

AIMing Digital Infrastructure Modernization

We AIM (Accelerate, Integrate, Monitor & Manage) to digitalize legacy infrastructure with a 360-degree approach towards cloud infrastructure management. Relevant technology deployment and evolving traditional IT systems happens at an accelerated pace, followed up with the latest hardware and software solution integration. Another side of our value addition is continuous monitoring and a wide range of support services to ensure performance and business continuity.


Accelerating enterprise systems transitions to the latest hardware and software besides seamless migration of data and applications.


Integrating the right technologies and platforms that can align with the modernization goals – be it cloud, networking, automation, storage, or others.

Monitor & Manage

Monitoring your systems 24/7 and providing managed infrastructure support services that may involve ongoing maintenance, upgrades, or modifications.

Cloud & Infrastructure Services


Architecting a scalable multi-cloud strategy that empowers enterprises to optimally migrate or build, deploy, and manage operations on cloud. We back it up with engineering competence to develop powerful cloud solutions and secured ops with leading public cloud partners.


We engage in end-to-end IT infrastructure modernization and managed services – ticketing to service execution to continuous improvement. Service excellence is differentiated with an extensive solution portfolio for cloud support and fully functional technical fix, plus how-to application support.


Explore an agile enterprise transformation roadmap with DevOps as the pivot. We define the strategy and work on its implementation with AI-based DevOps automation and security ops that help enterprises embrace operational efficiency.