Digital Assurance Services

Building Trust at Every Step of Building your Digital Tomorrow


As digital transformation gains momentum, SDLCs become complex, and so do the risks. While test automation and QA practices act as safety nets, enterprises need to think beyond the traditional scope. Engineering teams at Cloud SynApps focus on every aspect of QA, implementing a full-lifecycle digital assurance practice on the latest tools and best practices.

Responsible ACT of Digital Trust

We build trust with a three-pronged focus – taking the role of Advisory to identify a quality assurance driven digital posture, Crafting a framework of end to end assurance practices to implement, and provide thorough Testing and Assurance services to drive a stable digital transformation journey.


Thorough test advisory support based on tools and practices – for an action plan to reduced risks and costs.


Crafting a framework of digital assurance as a service to enable quality engineering and user experience design for solutions.


Thorough testing and assurance programs – ranging from automation testing to functional testing to ensure all that’s digital is also safe.

Digital Assurance Services

QA Transformation Advisory

Consulting in Quality Assurance transformation with our expertise in globally recognized QA practices that encompasses data, application performance, business value chain, and more.

Digital Functional Assurance

Ascertaining a digital solution’s functional integrity and quality through techniques aimed at validating digital systems, applications, and processes, ensuring they meet the desired functional benchmarks.

Digital Experience Assurance

Ensuring end-users have a positive and engaging experience with digital products, services, and interfaces through digital experience assurance – user journey definition, design, usability testing, etc.

Digital Technology Assurance

We assure the reliability, security, and effectiveness of digital technologies including hardware, software, networks, and infrastructure – through testing and compliance adherence.