Driving Innovation with
Cloud SynApps’
AI Assistant
for the Public Sector

AI Driven, Secure, and efficient Framework for Public Sector Organization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing our ability to access, interpret, and apply complex layers of law and policy, particularly in complicated and convoluted situations where traditional methods often fall short. Cloud SynApps has developed a versatile, customizable, scalable, and easily maintainable framework– AI Assistant for the Public Sector. 

The framework renders accurate, efficient, performant, and real-time aid to law enforcement and government agencies with the administration of fines or penalties. The AI Assistant can be particularly advantageous to enforcers in the field by enabling them to easily navigate the labyrinth of policies and identify those applicable to the situation at hand, leading to increased efficiency and accuracy in decision-making. Our solution is designed to help law enforcement and government inspectors handle challenging cases wherein the potential violation of a government law or policy is not immediately evident, where multiple infringements have transpired, creating complexity, or where policy is unclear and quick access to supporting documentation is required. 

A critical piece of our solution is enabling governments to support the needs of multiple ministries and agencies with complete confidence that the data of each ministry and agency remains segregated and safeguarded. 

We have focused on creating a robust and intuitive user interface that can be utilized with no training. Our model can ingest copious amounts of information and documentation, which it is then able to intelligently parse. The model can in turn provide quick, accurate responses to any queries posed. Not only can it respond to easily comprehensible wording, but it can also provide links citing exactly where the provided information was obtained from. Our model has a built-in feedback loop to flag any responses that could be further refined and can be easily trained for further accuracy by users with a built-in mechanism. 

Key Features


Fully integrated with Salesforce

Multiple Unique Instances

Reporting and Dashboards

Multi-Language Support

Customizable Knowledge

Security Features

Public Sector Use Cases

Building Inspections and Permits

Assist building inspectors in understanding local building codes and permit requirements.

Transportation and Vehicle Inspections

Assist transportation agencies in conducting safety inspections of vehicles, such as buses and commercial trucks.

Utility and Infrastructure Inspections

Help utility and infrastructure inspectors assess compliance with safety and maintenance regulations for bridges, roads, and utilities.

Public Housing Inspections

Support housing authorities in inspecting public housing units for compliance with housing regulations.

Food Safety Inspections

Aid health inspectors in evaluating compliance with food safety regulations at restaurants and food establishments.

Municipal Code Enforcement

Assist code enforcement officers
in interpreting and enforcing local ordinances and zoning regulations.

Health Use Cases

Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) Compliance

Help OSHA inspectors assess workplace safety and compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

Public Health Inspections

Support public health inspectors in inspecting facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and childcare centers for compliance with health regulations.