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Success Stories – Delivering ‘Customer Delight’ 

Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training & Skills Development - Licensing Application & Processing System

Go live: Feb 07, 2024

The Government of Ontario passed amendments to the Employment Standards Act, that would, if proclaimed, create a Temporary Help Agencies (THA) and Recruiter Licensing system in Ontario. The Ontario Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training & Skills Development (MLITSD) needed a licensing application and processing system for THAs and recruiters – which is an online, end-to-end digital channel for self-service and an internal case management system for processing and publishing licenses. Cloud SynApps was engaged to acquire, configure, customize, and implement the Salesforce SaaS solution for the ministry.

Project Outcomes –

  • Efficient, real-time collaboration with THAs/Recruiters.
  • THAs and recruiters apply for a license, including payment of fee.
  • ODS & AODA compliant processes and system.
  • Successfully implemented multiple integrations (Public Secure, CC Pay, Azure AD, MLITSD CM360 (Client’s Internal System)).
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Automatic workflow process generation to track and manage the various stages of the case end-to-end.

Cloud SynApps managed to deliver another successful implementation with an appreciation email from the client. Carmel Anandarajah from MLITSD says –

“As we wrap up THA, I wanted to express my gratitude. It has been a pleasure working with the CSA team, and especially you.

I appreciate back in the summer of last year you being patient with me as I jumped in to take over CSA and throughout our chat and the project being very thorough, detailed, and transparent.

At first, when I took on THA and it being my second Salesforce project, I was concerned, it would be a rocky road, but the CSA team had been wonderful to work with, and it was a great collaboration on all accounts. THA has had its challenges, but the team together did a fantastic job delivering and all parties are very happy and proud of the work done.”

City of Kalamazoo – 311 Solution

Go live: Jan 08, 2024

The City ofKalamazoo needed a ‘Case Management Application’ totrack complaints & requests from Kalamazoo citizens to provide a higher quality constituent experience. Cloud SynApps took this challenge and did a thorough analysis of the requirements at hand and delivered a ‘Case Management Application’ that fulfilled the City’s current needs with capabilities that are scalable for future requirements.

Project Outcomes –

  • Complaint management.
  • SLA tracking and monitoring.
  • Knowledge Management for 311 Staff – right information at hand while addressing cases.

Living by one of Cloud SynApps’ core values ‘Customer Delight’, we delivered a successful implementation with appreciation and a 5-star rating from the client on AppExchange.

Region of Peel - DevOps Implementation

Go live: Jan 17, 2024

The Region of Peel (RoP), in partnership with Cloud SynApps, embarked on a transformative journey in DevOps by implementing COPADO DevOps solution. During its execution phase, the RoP team expanded the scope by incorporating Copado Robotic Testing (CRT) services licenses.

Project Outcomes –

  • Copado implementation streamlined DevOps processes at RoP, fostering enhanced efficiency and collaboration across the organization.
    Following the successful implementation, the RoP team is currently collaborating with us for additional work, focusing on integrating Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services, specifically integration of RoP’s primary ALM-AzureDevOps, with Copado and also update the GitHub Repo.