Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce initiated one of the most significant paradigms shifts in the computing industry by pioneering the revolutionary idea to deliver enterprise CRM as Software as a Service (SaaS). Salesforce has since expanded its service offerings with new editions, solutions, features, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities.

At Cloud SynApps, our focus is to innovate and use the world-class, friendly and powerful Salesforce platform to deliver simple solutions that meet the current and future needs of our clients. Since our inception, we have gained immense confidence and expertise in delivering numerous Salesforce solutions to our customers and have transformed the way they do business.

Platform Implementation

Cloud SynApps has proven experience in

  • Implementing Salesforce’s Platform as a Service (PaaS),
  • Helping clients to reduce the time it takes to release a new application or feature,
  • Increasing the number of new apps developed per year.

Salesforce offers a scalable, trusted platform that

  • Serves over 150,000 customers, across nearly every industry, and
  • Processes over 5 Billion transactions per business day.

The flexible underlying Salesforce Lightning Platform service and supporting ecosystem enables companies to integrate with almost anything and tailor their solution to their specific needs – all while adhering to the government’s stringent security requirements.

The Salesforce Platform will enable businesses to quickly deploy solutions and custom applications, as well as communicate with one another, with powerful APIs; deploy and access any app on Salesforce; and get going with over 5,000 pre-built apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Communities Implementation
  • We have enabled Communities on web and mobile,
  • Providing citizens anywhere, anytime, any device access

Salesforce Customer Communities allows group members and support agents to ask questions and crowdsource responses, meaning that both can find the right solutions quickly. Customers of a company can use Salesforce to enter a rich portal system where they can check the knowledge base for answers, exchange information and their experiences with other customers, If they can’t fix their problem on their own, they can quickly escalate their issue to the organization’s assistance using web-to-case features. All Lightning Communities are 100 percent mobile optimised.

Marketing Cloud Implementation

Marketing Cloud Implementation designed to  create one to one customer journey in four key ways:

  1. Unify Data : By integrating all data sources in individual contact records, we can build a contextual view of customers. We get to know our customers and gather the data-driven information we need to build highly customised and meaningful journeys for them.
  2. Personalize Journeys : The experiences that will occur during each point of the customer lifecycle are visually planned and mapped out. On the basis of real-time customer behaviour and business objectives, we send timely, special, and relevant messages.
  3. Engage Cross-Channel: We deliver personalized content for each interaction across every channel and device, at precisely the right time. We ensure every interaction is relevant and on the customer’s terms.
  4. Analyze Everything: We monitor the impact of every interaction on business so as to review what is working, and what is not. In real time, we refine strategy and operational plans..
Sales Cloud Implementation

With open architecture and automatic updates, the implemented solution manages no hidden costs and drawn-out implementations of traditional CRM software.

Sales Analytics gives the entire sales team instant visibility into all of the Salesforce Sales Cloud data and enables organizations to take action on the fly.

Service Cloud Implementation

Cloud SynApps has immense experience in implementing Salesforce Service Cloud.

The implemented solution helped in setting up a CRM engagement center which provides a 360-degree view of citizens and facilitates support agents with the resources they need to deliver superior customer experiences.

Service Cloud Implementation helps to

  • Achieve more first contact resolutions, better maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and increase customer satisfaction ratings at a fraction of the cost.
  • Receive customer support requests from all standard (email, phone) and digital (chat, messaging, and social) channels, automate routine processes, and
  • Open up self-service and knowledge base and FAQs help via website.

Salesforce’s powerful analytics engine can also deliver key performance metrics tailored to government organizations fast, without the need for code or IT resources.

Salesforce helps deliver great service with

  • 29% improved agent productivity,
  • 23% increase in customer retention,
  • 18% decrease in support costs,
  • 29% faster case resolution, and
  • 27% increased customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Service Cloud can be rapidly and easily expanded, personalised, and adapted to any customer service challenge.

Thanks to the Salesforce Platform’s strength!


Cloud SynApps has experience in implementing Einstein Analytics Platform, which analyses data not just from Salesforce, but from various sources within the enterprise, to meet the essential requirement of analysing data through systems.

Einstein Analytics Platform provides:

  • Multi-year trending analysis  supports query and processing of hundreds of millions of rows of data from various sources.
  • Cross Object analysis and faceting.

Rich data visualization, including thematic maps.


The Einstein Analytics Platform is mobile-friendly and can be used to collaborate and exchange feedback with team members directly inside Salesforce. An organisation can use the Einstein Analytics Platform to easily explore data through CRM, ERP, Excel, social and mobile apps to get the exact information.

Secured data

The data of the company is secure. Data can be found in a variety of places within an enterprise, including warehouses, spreadsheets, logs, and Salesforce. With Einstein Analytics Platform, it’s easy to integrate data from any of these sources, including external data such as SAP or Oracle data, mobile app data, or product sensor data.