Cloud SynApps:
The Intersection of Digital and the Public Sector

Who is CSA and what are we committed to?

Never before have governments and their employees been asked to do so much, so fast, all while dealing with their workforces in a state of attrition. The effects of the pandemic have forced public-sector organizations to deliver transformational improvements in citizen services, with citizens demanding the same service excellence from government agencies as they receive from commercial entities. In the meantime, government agencies of every size are constrained by fiscal challenges, public mistrust, and workforce fatigue.

Cloud SynApps is a Salesforce partner committed to delivering innovative digital solutions to the Public Sector and to society as a whole. Drawing on the deep expertise and experience of our associates, CSA helps governments and public sector entities to address their most critical and pressing application and service challenges, ultimately improving the lives of the citizens they serve.

As a company CSA is passionate about helping others and we have adopted the Philanthropic Model. CSA has committed 1% of our time, resources, and profits to local charities and integrate philanthropy into our everyday business efforts. 1% may seem small at first, but the cumulative impact of the 1-1-1 model is an immense, positive change for the communities that CSA lives in and serves.

Our Expertise

Licensing, Permits and Inspections

Digitizing LPI systems offers quantitative and qualitative benefits for every level of government.  Government agencies of every size must install a flexible and scalable platform to ensure e-governance services like licenses, permits, and inspections are available on demand to every constituent.

Grants Management

Built entirely on the Salesforce platform, the CSA Grants & Contracts Management Asset empowers government agencies, nonprofits, education, and foundations to increase their impact by streamlining the grant process and providing valuable performance data to make better investments in, and decisions for, the recipient community, ensuring a greater overall impact.


CSA digitization expertise offers the public sector the opportunity to make its administration simpler, faster, more efficient, more accessible, less expensive and more citizen-friendly – all on demand using the Salesforce platform and making Public Sector Services as easy to use and accessible as shopping on-line. CSA’s focus areas incorporate.

Housing Solution

CSA Housing ensures greateraccessibility to community housing by bringing all stakeholders together on a common application, this solution draws on Salesforce and includes all elements that promote long-term housing and subsidy alternatives to citizens. Cloud SynApps has been actively involved in developing solutions for housing-related operations.

Sustainability Solution

CSA enables organizations and businesses to initiate, track and manage their activities/operations to assist them in meeting sustainability objectives set by government agencies – and their own boards such as monitoring carbon emission standards, measure their carbon footprint and status relative to their published goals. 

CSA Labs

Pre-Built Accelerators and Solutions

Pre-built Data model, processes, logic and features that support citizens, businesses, service providers, and agency staff.

Modern and User-friendly Design

Solutions that offer digital-first, user-friendly portals with multi-channel features, chatbots and AI-driven decision-making, guided flows and much more.

Accelerated Time to Value

Reduced upfront configuration/ customization costs and faster value realization by using pre-built, purpose-built out-of-the-box functionality and processes.

Developing thriving careers across the globe

We believe in Associate First. If we take care of our associates, they will take care of our business.

We have a flexible work environment without any red tape where every idea is welcomed. This is an amazing opportunity for a rewarding career at Cloud SynApps.

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Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that Cloud SynApps is located on the treaty and traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, The Haudenosaunee Confederacy, The Huron-Wendat, and Wyandot Nations. We recognize our roles and responsibilities as Treaty People on Turtle Island.