Environmental Sustainability at Cloud SynApps


At Cloud SynApps, making sure we positively contribute to our planet is of high importance. We are passionate about ensuring that we, as an organization, operate in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious way.

Additionally, we incorporate these values into our business by providing solutions that help our clients to initiate, track, and manage their operations in relation to their sustainability goals. For example, our solutions can aid businesses in monitoring carbon emission standards, carbon footprints, and more. We recognize that it is important to not only protect our planet as an organization ourselves, but to also assist other organizations in doing the same.

We have worked on multiple projects with great environmental and social impact, including our work with Natural Resources Canada in their Greener Homes and Two Billion Trees projects.

Cloud SynApps is passionate about contributing to positive change, and we continue to set new goals to further expand our impact.