Vlocity Implementation Services

We are Vlocity’s largest Canadian Implementation Partner with a highly skilled and certified team.
We are passionate to implement Vlocity Government Solutions across the Public Sector space with special
focus on Social Housing, Preventing Homelessness, Social Services, Permits and Licensing, Employment,
Eligibility, Programs and Services to name a few.

We have got You covered! 


Right Estimation

It all starts with understanding your requirements and right work estimation.

The Team

The right team with a blend of highly skilled Vlocity developers, User Experience team and Salesforce expertise.


Tools and Assets

With years of Vlocity implementation experience, we have developed best practices, assets and tools to do it right the first time.



Small or Big, Easy or Complex, we have the proven Implementation Methodology to cover all aspects of a project.



We will show You how it is done

The Cloud SynApps team has successfully completed several large-scale Vlocity implementations for various level of Government agencies in Canada and USA. Based on our experience, it is highly recommended that we follow some key guiding principles when implementing a complex Vlocity project.

1 – Set a Holistic Vision: When architecting a solution that will house multiple programs, it is important to set a vision for what the solution will look like from a high-level and have leadership drive that vision. As part of the vision-setting process, the early involvement of end-users as a stakeholder group is essential to success. This provides two key benefits: (1) this group can identify critical gaps that are often missed due to a lack of insight into their needs, and (2) this group can become a champion group that supports user adoption during the change management process.

2 – Involve the Right People: Stakeholder involvement throughout the process of Discovery and Design is a requirement for creating the right solution, thus, it is crucial that the right stakeholders are identified at the outset of the project. The ‘right’ stakeholders are those who work on the ground every day and not only understand the processes used and needs of their group, but who also share a passion for improving processes and can envision a new way of working. These are your early adopters, and your champions for change.
3 – Build with what you have: Building a solution using Out-of-the-Box Salesforce or Vlocity functionality is a widely accepted best practice but can be difficult to follow when trying to adhere to existing or required processes. One key to a successful implementation is to ensure there is a complete understanding of existing processes and to work with users to define simplified processes for the future state. Vlocity has already built many processes based on industry experience and best practices that are available through their process library. These pre-built processes should be leveraged to decrease both development time and maintenance requirements.