Cloud SynApps understands the Public Sector requirements and we aim to provide value-driven solutions to our clients by using state of the art applications, tools and innovative concepts like co-creation, collaboration, agile delivery and minimum customizations to the selected applications.

We invest heavily in developing unique but repeatable solutions which, in our experience, are required across Cities, Municipalities, State and Federal Government. We are excited to share some of our pre-built assets that are used to deliver simple but important solutions on a friendly and world-class Salesforce platform. We bring all this intellectual property at no cost for our clients to launch powerful customer experiences, thereby accelerating their digital journey.

Cloud SynApps takes pride in presenting some of the solutions built by our team which can be used by Public Sector clients to streamline and optimize internal processes and to provide better and improved services to Citizens.


> CSA COVID-19 Solution

> CSA 311 Solution

> CSA Housing Solution

> CSA Inquiry Builder Solution

> CSA Forms Builder Solution

> CSA Case Management Solution

> CSA Caregiver App

> CSA Development Charges Solution