We bring unique solutions to embrace change for the Public sector using Cloud Applications

Our Commitment

Cloud SynApps is dedicated to serving society. We are passionate about helping others and have thus pledged to the Salesforce.org Philanthropic Model. By committing 1% of our time, resources, and products, we are motivated to continue integrating philanthropy into our business model since our company’s formation. 1% may seem small at first, but the cumulative impact of abiding by the 1-1-1 model is an immense, positive change. 

CSA Labs

Pre-Built Accelerators and Solutions

Data model, processes, logic and features that support citizens, business, service providers…

Modern and User-friendly Design

Solutions that offer digital-first, user-friendly portals with multi-channel features, chat-bots and AI-driven

Accelerated Time to Value

Reduced upfront configuration/ customization costs and faster value realization by using pre-built, purpose…

Developing thriving careers across the globe

We believe in Associate First. If we take care of our associates, they will take care of our business. 

We have a flexible work environment without any red tape where every idea is welcomed. This is an amazing opportunity for a rewarding career at Cloud SynApps.

Latest news from our CSA

“CSA Marcom

We got Certified by Great Place to Work! We couldn’t be prouder of our team – they create great workplace experiences and exemplify our Core Values!”