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Providing a Seamless & Reliable Grants and Disbursements Solution

Grant allocation poses significant challenges, especially for government agencies looking to swiftly provide financial assistance to residents and businesses with financial difficulties. The use of manual or disjointed application procedures often complicates the administration of grant programs, leading to issues such as complex forms, incomplete applicant information, low user engagement, instances of fraudulent activity, and lengthy application processing times. Leveraging the Salesforce platform, Cloud SynApps’ simple design enables organizations to effectively manage and track the issuance of funds, facilitate transparent actions through workflows and automated processes, and provide the ability to make evidence-based decisions through the collection of rich data and robust reporting.

Core Features of our Grants and Disbursement Solution

Simplified Application Portal

User-friendly application process with guided flows.

Easy status visibility of grant applications and reports submitted on grant consumption.

Real-time Monitoring & Reporting

Easy submission of reports online to track how grants are being used.

Automated reminders to submit status reports on time.

Seamless Fund Disbursements

Streamlined disbursement process for grant makers.

Comprehensive audit trail of payment transactions.


Intuitive Application Process

User-friendly grants application process with guided flows.

Consistent and efficient management of different grant programs in one place.

Reviews & Approvals

Enabled single or multiple approvals based on the grant type.

Provision to set specific conditions for Instant notifications and regular communication.

Analytical Insights

Access to real-time dashboards for instant updates on grant application status.

Out-of-box adoption, case management, and payment reports.

Examples of Use Cases

Donor Engagement

Enhance donor relations by providing transparency and impact reporting.

Homelessness Services

Allocate grants for programs aimed at reducing homelessness.

Youth Development

Support youth development programs through grant funding.

Humanitarian Aid

Manage grants for disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

International Development

Administer grants for global development projects.

Healthcare Initiatives

Support healthcare programs in underserved regions.

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