Implementation Services

We understand that no business problem is the same. We also understand that while Govt. Organizations serve citizens; each organization has unique requirements and desired outcomes. This requires a blending approach of SaaS solution, User Experience design considerations, Innovation, and optimization once the solution in place.

Our implementations are based on our unique and proprietary methodology IMxD2, which is a blend of SaaS implementation practices, User Experience Design, Innovation and high collaboration principles.

Discovery, Design, Develop and Deployment

The 5 phases represent Discovery, Design, Develop and Deployment followed by an innovate, run and optimize cycle of a typical SaaS project with 4 execution disciplines (4DX) to achieve the project goals. These principles are: 

  • Focuson widely important 
  • Acton lead measures 
  • Keepcompelling scoreboard 
  • Createa cadence of accountability  

By combining a formula for executing on your organization’s most important strategic priorities based on the 4DX and CSA’s SaaS implementation methodology offers a simple, repeatable and proven methodology IMxD2

Implementation Methodology

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