CSA Inquiry Builder

Cloud SynApps Inquiry Builder provides a pre-built framework that can be used by Government organizations to help Citizens find information, resources and forms related to various services, rights and benefits.

Our Inquiry Builder is 100% native Salesforce solution with features that provide easy implementation of Inquiry forms:

  • It is used in public site (Public-access Salesforce Communities)
  • UI is configurable Lightning Component, providing least effort to launch
  • No code release cycle and supports drag and drop to a Community
  • It provides Citizens with an overview of inquiry progress and an access code to be able to resume search at a later time
  • The simple version of Inquiry Builder utilizes Salesforce Knowledge, consumes Knowledge data which is easy to search and presented in a user-friendly view
  • The advanced version of Inquiry Builder enables configurable questions and simple forms. It allows users to provide input and based on the answers provided, it redirects user to a document, web page, or a formal form. Or it assigns a case number to the user in order to retrieve the feedback later.

Our Inquiry Builder helps the Government organizations and staff to add content easily and to deploy the content without developer’s assistance.

For the end users, it provides a platform where information is easier to find, easier to resume search and additional documents and knowledge articles are provided for user’s convenience.