CSA Forms Builder

What is there for Clients?

Deploy configurable intake capabilities in a matter of days

  • Deploy on Communities
  • Brand it just like your Application
  • Get insights on Forms that your customers perceive to be lengthy 
  • Get good grip on data quality by Form validation rules
  • Comply to AODA and Accessibility requirements
  • Automate case creation from Intake
  • Automate other custom process from Intake

What is there for Administrators?

Design & Build the forms effortlessly and quickly

  • Click-n-configure the forms without writing single line of code
  • Build forms with wide variety of controls (similar to Salesforce) 
  • Enable option to save the form as PDF
  • Enable signature options on Forms
  • Apply CSS/UI themes
  • Build conditional navigations
  • Order/Re-order fields on the form
  • Apply – Header/Footer/Instructions on the form

What is there for End-users?

Move from hand-filled forms to Digitized forms

  • Save your information and retrieve later
  • Progress bar to show – how much is completed and how much is remaining
  •  Sign your forms
  • Now fill your forms from – mobile, laptop, and tablets seamlessly

CSA Forms Builder provides you click-n-configure capabilities to design and implement your business requirements on Customer Input Screens (including Intake).