CSA Development Charges Solution

Cloud SynApps Development Charges Solution provides a ready tool for Government organizations to collect development charges from Builders/Developers applicable after project planning phase.

The solution provides easy to implement functionality for both Government Staff and Builders/Developers:

  1. Builders/Developers can estimate the total amount to be paid for selected lots after planning phase of a project. Our solution calculates the total development charges based on the types and number of lots, and generates a detailed PDF report. Developers have the ability to defer few lots, if the developer/development organization would like to pay a later payment for part of lots.
  2. Government Staff can view streamlined work processes and provide relevant approvals for development charges. As soon as a development charges application is submitted, our solution sends a request with details to the relevant Finance/Planning team for approval.

Builder/Developer receives a notification once the application is verified and approved, which is followed by payment of development charges.