CSA Covid-19 Solution

In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, key focus of Government organizations is to interact and support affected (potential and confirmed cases) citizens and to manage exposure sites effectively. The current processes adopted involve a lot of manual processes and telephonic interactions, leading to extra burden on their health workers and contact-center staff.

Cloud SynApps has developed a highly effective and automated Covid-19 Solution to help the Government organizations to manage comparatively higher number of affected people in each day and/or to lower the burden on health workers and contact-center staff caused by use of manual processes.

Since speed to market and building a highly agile, collaborative, cost-effective solution is the ask during this critical time, Cloud SynApps has developed a Covid-19 Solution on the Salesforce SaaS Platform powered by Vlocity Solution for Assessments & Referrals.

Cloud SynApps helps in rapid development using our highly flexible, secure Covid-19 framework solution

Self Assessments

Allows citizens to report symptoms, exposed contacts and surroundings                   

Contact Tracing Management

Identifies people who have come in contact with an infected person and further call for action and collection of information from them

Site Exposure Management

Helps to identify places visited by the infected person and drives protocol for management of the exposed sites

Holistic Case Management

Incorporates data from hospital/lab results and runs a complete case cycle for infected patients                      

Multi-channel Two-way Communication

Integrates communication/ data from multiple sources to the system, providing 360o view of potential and confirmed patients

Discharge Management

Outlines processes and referrals to be followed post successful treatment of the infected person

Affected Area Maps & Visualization

Provides a map-view of the infected patient and site exposure, with a visual of the epidemic status in a particular geography

Advanced Action-based Reporting

Provides trends and advanced analytics on the disease condition over a period of time