CSA Case Management

Cloud SynApps’ Case Management Solution is 100% native Salesforce application, that allows to quickly build DYNAMIC processes to support different business operations requiring case management.

  • It is a Click-n-configure application requiring zero line of code and zero maintenance
  • It results in considerable cost savings for businesses that require complex case management process
  • Case resolution times are expected to decrease due to guided approach
  • It offers widespread collaboration across teams in extremely complex cases
  • It provides progressive customer service with use of advanced Chatbot options & User Sentiment analysis

Our Case Management solution provides an end-to-end process from case intake to case closure and incorporates multiple features:

1. Multi-lingual Home Page: English & French options to cater to diversified user population.

2. Advanced Chatbot: Extracts information based on user’s request. Verifies users via email & security code. Navigates user depending on requested information.

3. Sentiment Analysis: User emotion analysis is performed and captured on the case. Serves as a basis for case workers to interact with users and prioritize cases.

4. Email Services: Email notifications helps alert case workers without logging on app. Emails to users update them of case progression and for requests from case workers.

5. Dynamic Case Tasks Processing: Can run tasks in parallel, resulting in collaboration between different teams working on the case. Can run tasks in a sequence; where a dependent task cannot be initiated before completion of a related task.