CSA Caregiver App

Cloud SynApps Caregiver App is designed to provide support and training to Caregivers on patient care for common types of conditions. It is a user-friendly application with a responsive design.

Built on the Salesforce platform, the Caregiver app acts as an onboarding, training, mentoring, collaboration, and support resource tool for Caregivers to manage their family members who are suffering from chronic conditions, palliative care and/or recovery support.

The Caregiver App provides significant benefits to Caregivers and their patients:

  • Provides a one-stop shop for Caregivers to manage a care plan for their loved ones
  • Ensures better support and proactive care through training
  • Comes with helpful tips that help the Caregivers to avoid any common mistakes
  • Facilitates better collaboration to learn lessons from other Caregivers
  • Helps reduce dependency on third-parties

CSA’s Caregiver App is loaded with features that helps the Caregivers with an overall disease management plan:

1. Onboarding – Caregivers can create profiles and records for all family members who are suffering from a disease condition to manage them better on one unified platform.

2. Disease Management  The App provides a single place to track and manage all information related to Caregiver’s related patients’ conditions, and it also acts as a quick reference tool during any doctor’s appointment or other visits. The information is available on any device where the Caregiver can access the internet.

3. Learning – The Learning feature provides Caregivers with the opportunity to better understand and update themselves for the disease states that they are managing for their family. The learning modules will be regularly extended with current videos and write-ups.

4. Mentoring – This feature provides details of all the Caregivers who have been using the app for a considerable amount of time and have offered to help other Caregivers in their journey.

5. Success Stories – This section provides an opportunity for a Caregiver to add or view stories of how Caregivers have been able to manage disease conditions for their loved ones effectively through the App.