Company History

Our Organization has been built on a foundation of passion and dedication for the Public Sector, growing into one of the strongest system integrators for Salesforce in North America. We believe in bringing change by being the change on the principals and the power or 1:1:1 philanthropy.

Architecting a New Future

Govt. needs digitization, and Govt. needs transformation of its current business processes to make them simple and provide the services in an easily accessible and friendly manner. We are a company focused on delivering technology and solutions to make this happen.

Powering New Possibilities

Public Sector Organizations need to adapt to evolving Citizens needs. Our consulting and implementation services cover a wide range of core areas for the Government. We have deep domain knowledge in Permits, Licensing & Inspections (LPI), Case Management, Grants Management, Social Services, Housing solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Apps for Govt., and emerging technologies.

New Business way

We provide consulting services and deliver solutions in a fast turn-around time using our pre-built solutions and assets to cities, countries, municipal, provincial and federal Public Sector clients across North America.